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Calling in all my LGBTQ, Tattooed, Alternative + Adventure seeking Couples!

Lets chat about ELopements

Are you engaged, overwhelmed with wedding planning, and curious if an Elopement is right for you?
You came to the right place.

| An elopement can be as simple or as curated as you want - no rules apply here.
If you are stressed at the idea of expensive venues, vendors, decorations etc. and don't want to drop your entire life savings for ONE day then you may want to consider ditching the traditions and doing something a little more unique, and intimate.
Come as you are - and let me celebrate your love!

5 reasons to Elope:

  • Save THOUSANDS of dollars in vendors
  • Less waste = Environmentally friendly
  • No stressing about set up/break down
  • One of a kind imagery that tells your unique story as a couple
  • No shoes necessary

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"Who can come to an Elopement? "

There are many misconceptions about elopements and who can attend.

Its not just for drunken Vegas nights (but we are here for that vibe too!) or skipping off to the mountains with just an officiant and a photographer.

Don't choose between a stress free wedding and one that includes your loved ones - You can absolutely bring your parents, best friends, and a small bridal party to your intimate ceremony!

In fact, I encourage it.

Bring Mom + Dad, your Auntie/ uncle, braddahs + friends

(but maybe not your third cousin twice removed)

Lets get you married on an epic Mountain Peak , Glacier or waterfall - or anywhere else your heart desires! When it comes to this - Honey you get to have it ALL.

Book A Consult to get started!

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Leaning on the traditional side?

Let me document every detail - from getting ready with your bridal party, intimate details of the venue, and of course, the highly anticipated I-Do's! I am happy to be by your side as long as you need me, and cannot bring myself to leave until I am confident every shot, and important moment was captured.

"Where Do I Start? "

One of the most important vendors you hire is your photographer.

When considering your options and the style you're looking for, look for someone who you can imagine spending all day with. Someone who will ease your stresses and make sure your photos look like it was the easiest day of your LIFE.

Wedding clients have the opportunity to a complimentary Engagement session.

Engagement sessions are a great way to get a chance to work together before your wedding!

+ Use your images for announcements or invitations.

As your vendor, I take my work seriously, but I also want my clients to feel so comfortable, that you forget you're on a shoot altogether!

Kona Coast Beach Elopement Photographer

Go with the flow!

No wedding in the history of the weddings - goes perfectly according to plan. From rain storms, traffic jams, to the occasional wardrobe malfunctions - I have seen it ALL.

It is important to have someone by your side to remind you that at the end of the day - No one is going to remember the little things that didn't go perfectly. They are going to remember the smiles on your face and the tears in your eyes as you proclaim your love for eachother. The clinking of glasses and the cheering from your friends and family. Life is not perfect, dont set that expectation on your marriage either!

Take what comes and be rest assured- I will do everything in my power to ensure you get every shot - every time.

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Tips to ease the stress on your wedding day

  • Take your family portraits the day before at the dress rehearsal to free up time, + save the hassle of corralling your whole family + bridal party [like herding cats.]
  • Delegate your Person of honor to assist in small tasks such as fixing your dress, gathering important people, and making sure that your glass is ALWAYS full.
  • Plan for everything to take longer than you think it will - so you don't have to worry about running over the timeline.
  • Pack a small bag with makeup wipes, touch up needs, sweat towels, needle & thread for emergencies or to freshen up between portraits.
  • Opt for an unplugged wedding so your ceremony photos aren't littered with selfie sticks, Ipads and cellphones!
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Lets talk story over some bubbly!

Complimentary consultations are available!

Potential wedding clients are eligible for a complimentary consultation with me, either locally or virtually - On YOUR schedule.

It is important that you and your photographer pass the vibe check.
We will share some laughs, get to know each other and my process before committing to anything!

Book a Consult here
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Bare-Bones Package

Ideal for laid-back couples who are just looking for a few hours of coverage & the most important moments. Ill catch ya at the beach for your vows and send you off to dinner with sandy feet and happy hearts!

Starting at 1,500


Do we need an Officiant?

This is entirely up to you - some couples prefer to legally get married before their elopement and have a loved one stand in the place of an an officiant.
If you prefer a more curated experience, I have a list of vendors I am happy to reccomend for you!

Can we purchase the RAW files?

RAW photos are lot like negatives. They are unedited, large files that require professional programs to even open. The advantage of having those files is being able to edit them in high quality format. When a client purchases RAW images they also take on all copyright of those shots - meaning I am no longer affiliated nor own them.
Buyers Beware: unedited photos don't usually look ideal due to how a photographer shoots in order to achieve their particular style.

TLDR: Yes! I sell RAWS for a flat rate.

Can we set up an alter?

Due to the nature of a destination elopement, if the desired location is in a public space - alters are not permitted. If you are eloping on a private property - such as an Air B&B - you will have to ask the host of the property.

How do I book?

Please head on over to the button below and fill out a inquiry!
This is the fastest way to reach me. I will send you all the juicy deets, contracts etc. and once we get a contract signed and deposit filled - your session is officially booked!
Deposits are non-refundable and clients are allowed 2 reschedules before cancellation.

Im not eloping - is pricing different for weddings?

Pricing for elopements is cheaper than my full scale, traditional wedding pricing. The best way to get a quote for those is to fill out my consult/booking form and we can chat options!

Micro weddings of 10 people or less keep the same Price points as elopements!